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Posting this right now while im sat at work covering reception. Heart radio is on and it plays the same ten songs over and over all day long. I don't think i'd be able to stand it if I had to sit here all day long.

Feeling a bit rubbish at the moment. I just wish I could be a bit more responsible with my money D:! I used to be really careful with how much i spent but since i went to uni my spending habits have just gotten way out of control. I just spend spend spend and never look at my account to make sure I havent gone overboard. I think the only way to gain control over this is to write down every spend I make. Or at least until I become a bit more responsible.

I think its because I have a serious graphic novel problem =\ I'll sit and read a volume and then ill have to go out right there and then to get the next volume, which can be an exspensive habit. I think i only bought volume one of saga and then ended up going out and buying the rest of them. NOT GOOD! In fact maybe ill use this oppurtunity of having no money on having a clear out and seeing if I can selll some of my stuff.

I kind of wish that garden garage sales were as popular here as they are in the states. If I put loads of shit on my garden for people to buy theyd probably think it was just some kind of trick and carry on walking. British people are just a bit weird like that.

Hmm let's see. I finished a book recently. Haruki Murakamis sputnik sweetheart. I have to admit although I really liked the book and couldn't put it down I dont think I really understood its themes or what he was trying to say. It had a bit of an unexplainable bizare ending. I guess it's left for you to make your own interpretations on what it means but I kind of just drew a blank. A lot of his books are like that for me. The only one I really connected with was norweigian wood.

Oh also i've decided i'm going to learn how to drive this year. My goals are to learn to drive and get on top of my finances. One might have a bit of a dismal effect on the other but we'll give it a go. I don't really agree with driving because it just pollutes the planet. I'd rather cycle or walk but I do think that being able to drive does give a confidence and sense of freedom that people need.

hmm thats about it :B
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Going to update more often

Hmm I think im going to start updating my journal more often and actually adding friends and stuff :B

I've been spending the whole of today mostly playing World of Warcraft... because I have a problem. I love gaming :D In fact I have my own lets play channel that i've realised ive never linked on here so check it out

Went to the allotment today just to admire all of my hard work :B Pictures will follow i'm sure.

Had to take Jiji (cat) to the vet because he had a urine infection, which they think he developed from stress =\ Which is worrying in itself. We got a dog recently and I hope this isn't making the cat feel left out =\ He kind of sits at the top of the stairs when he knows we're downstairs and meows at the top of his lungs. I kind of think he's just doing it for attention. I've tried to give him added cuddles so he still feels part of the family, but a small part of me thinks he's just being spoilt ¬_¬ Anyway he should feel very papmpered now as I've had to spend 50 pounds on medication to treat his apparent urine infection. Not really sure what to do if a cat is stressed? Don't want him to get another urine infection but not sure how to help him chillax.
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Really into Science Fiction books at the moment. I feel really stupid that I used to hate people who read science fiction as I thought they were trashy =\ But some of the more intellectual books I've read recently have been sci-fi. All really old authors but *shrugs*

Need some recommendations!
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I'm doing the 50bookchallenge this year. I have concluded that I need to read four books a month to complete the challenge, not that I really see it as a challenge because I love reading. It started out that I would just try to get through all the books I own, as I own a many number of books that I had not yet read. Then I decided that a lot of the books I own were quite meaningless and a lot of them didnt really tackle any important topics. They just seemed to be a bout love, which is such an impossible, infuriating concept that I've been trying to branch out to reading other things.
So far i've read

1. Gargoyle
2. The dark side of the sun
3. Silver Linings Playbook
4. The Night Circus
5. The girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making
6. A stranger in a strange land

The last book I read has left me feeling weirdly contemplative about society as a whole :/

Anyway ive been sharing around the fact that i'm doing this challenge and I've been asking people that if they could possibly pick out one book of great importance TO THEM that they would recommend reading above anything else to let me know and I will try and read it. So feel free to comment if you can think of anything, guys.
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My neighbours are such Neanderthals. One of them actually went outside and pissed in the back garden rather than using the toilet in the house and then proceeded to pissnon his own leg. Yeah....well done 
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I'm going back to uni to become a midwife. Why the fuck not? Surely nothing could restore my faith in humanity as much as helping to give life? I did a media degree and it just made me even more cynical than I was before. Do I want to work in an industry that works at spreading lies to the masses. I would not be proud to say that I studied for three years just to become one of the people that we are encouraged to acknowledge as propagandists. Or I could become a lecturer, informing people how corrupt the media is but actually doing fuck all about it. 

Nah, midwifery it is. I feel like its a small and humble goal, but something that I'd feel very proud to achieve. 
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I have two weeks left of my first year of univeristy and I have three essays to write and one exam to sit. I have two essays to write in three days, a weeks worth of revision and four days to write my third essay.

Then I plan on getting very very very very very very very veryvery very very veryvery very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very veryvery very very very drunk

it's funny when you say a word so many times that it doesn't look like a word anymore.

Then three days later i'm going back home and have four months of doing absolutely nothing before having to start this hell hole all over again. Good times.
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I feel like ive made some drastic changes as of late.

I accumulated two new tattoos in the space of a short time... I now have four. I've dyed my hair red, pierced my lip and nose and this has all happened in the year since i started uni.. pure coincidence?

I have nothing much to report. I often feel as though im existing rather than living since i've been here. I'm hoping that over the summer getting a job and enjoying myself will make me feel better but i know how having a job made me feel before i started uni.. i felt like another drone tbh, so i doubt theres going to be anything different this time around.

I'm really stressed this week. I have to write three essays by the 11th and then revise for an exam on the 18th and then write another essay by the 22nad.. plus i have no idea what im talking about. However i often find that its all of my friends that talk absoloute bullshit in their essays who get the better grade, so maybe ill try that.

This is a poor excuse for an entry when i havent updated in so long, but i havent had the time, nor the energy for writing lately